Enjoy the simple things in life!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

SO tired.

Aack! Why am I so tired? I slept a ton last night. I'm all tired during the day and awake at Night so I can't sleep! AHHH! It's sooo annoying! It makes me want to smack it in the face. No wait. That's not possible. Ignore my consitant rambling. Oh. That reminds me... I got a funny video from my friend Alla today. There was one of those clear plastic duckies swing from the end of a lamp and the guy holding the camera is singing "Swing little Duckie Duck! Swing little Duck!". And all of a sudden there is a guy with a afro and he jumps up like JAWS and bites it so it goes in his mouth and the light turns off. I think me and my friend have problems. Well... her anyway.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

What Voldemort Really Needs

Haha! I thought this was super funny when I saw it! And it's true. Poor old Voldy was unloved. Poor bloke.