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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Over the hills and through the woods to Kasmiras house we go! Part II

Am I going to go to Kasmira's for Christmas? Tht would be so interisting. Blugh. I hate spelling. I can't spell to save my life. Anyways oky day. Kasmira do you mind clearing theese rumors???

Thank you for the Pixie Potter we are about to recieve.

Love Pixie

First Day of New School

I went to school today. *Gasp* And I'm all set up. Exept i get lost acassionly. Or however you spell that pooid word. Pooid; A cross between stupid and poop. Duh.

I did however have to pick up Cynduh after school today. First I walked home in feeze your kister weather. Wait about 15 minutes until her teacher waited 'For everyone to settle down' wich seems dumb because you can just say "Ok, hurry up and leave so I can grade your sticky little papers."

Hee Hee. I am not nice. Pixie Meanie-head.

Monday, November 28, 2005

New House

I have moved to a new town. I go to a new school. Its' ok. I will visit Brit sometimes. I miss Tommy!!! Boo Hoo.

There is a girl on my block and she has a miniture horse in her backyard!!! I'm all unpacked. I think older sis Brina is coming to stay here for a while. (Yes we are all diagnosed as 'Cat Copondents')

Anyways, I FINALLY got my net hooked up. And was playing Sims2 like CRAZY!!! What would I do without that game? If you have it tell me, what do you do? Build? Raise Familys? Make Stories? Make videos? I raise familys and BUILD. Wich should be fun.

At my new school they got a TON of sports choices. I'm doing Dance Drill Team and Gymnastics.

Stupid DSL internet thing

Well I'm back and I can finally blog again YAYAAYAYAYAYAYYAY! I mean, no, Mwahahahahahaha! I am back fear me!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Cat's are annoying and amusing.

I'm trying to blog but my cat keeps stepping on the key pads! ovraaaaaqqzsw Yes, that was my kittie Jamie. Check out Crazy Mira's blog... She has four! Four cats at once!

Pixie Potter has learned to count. Off to see what Mimi Smartypants is up to! Hee Haw!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Hey. Ho. Every. Body.

Today the Janitor took the door down off it's hinges because it wouldn't open. Funny huh?

Pixie Potter the Mechanic

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Monkeys are so cool!

Monkeys are so cute, with thier adorable little faces and mischevious smiles! Oh! I LOVE THEM!!!! I wish i could get one as a pet.... to the internet!

Pixie Potter travels from afar.

Pic's form the hospital

I got my hands on some pictures of when I was in the hospital about a month ago. So When I babysit for Brit on Friday I will ask her to stick them in.


Halloween was fun. I was Samara from the ring. I looked just like her. But my hair wasn't quite long enough. So sorry for not posting pic's but I may be able to get my hands on one..... Mwahahahaha!

Pixie Potter has rised from the grave

Babysitting Mr.T

Hey Ho Everybody!

Babysitting Mr.T's kids was fun. Mckenzie was a little grumpy because she was sick. Colten and Abby were all good though. We cleaned up the little landing on the stairs and then we played 'Zelda'. It was funny because we rolled Colten up in the rug. I even got hugs at the end when I left. Poor Abby wanted to come drop me off. Cuties!

Monkeys I have loved. ~Pixie Potter

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

In the RV

Yes, I am here. Blogging. In the RV. It's true. And smells like the Mom making stew. For dinner. Ya.