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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Really Scary Teacher =0

Today in 6th period I was in Orchestra (as uaual i do in 6th period) I walked in and I realized that we had a sub. A sub you say? No big deal right? No. Big. Deal. Yes! Yes Big deal! I was Mrs._________ Ahhh! The teacher who screamed at me last time just because I told her where I sat and if she neeeded help with attendence I would gladly take it to the office for her. But Nooooo. She had to scream at me to mind my manners and not use that tone of voice. Ok then you crazy Lady. I felt like Mimi Smartypants off Miras blog when she had that crazy lady in front of her on the escalator. Oh all of this drama happened last time. Heres what happened today: (Dream Mode)

I walked in to Orchestra and seated my self for some qaulity movie time with two of my best friends Vita and Trista. I looked over to who was taking attendence because it certainly wasn't Mr.T and there she was. My worst nightmare of a sub. Mrs.__________ Oh my goodness gracious how unerving some people can be. Anyway, back to the action.

Jory walked in with a soda why'll all the other dudes were urging him to chug it. Well Mrs.__________ didn't respond so well to that. She told him to go sit out in the hall. Jory (yes this is a boy) was opening the door and he stood out in the hallway as he was going out the door turned around leaned on the door and began to 'chug it'. Um very violent. Mrs.___________ saw we were looking at him still and fast walked over to the door with a look of fury on her face. She pushed him into the door knoked the pop can onto the floor and screamed "Go to the office! NOW!"

Every one was absoulutely silent. Nobody even breathed I swear. Butas soon as she pushed him out the door. EVERYONE started whispering. Trista leaned over and said "That was way worse than when she screamed at you. I wonder if this display is going to get her fired."
Not to be mean but I said "I can't believe she just shoved Jory against the door like that. I hope she doesn't come back here again. I don't want that to be me." I mean she has been angry but not nearly that angy.

The reason we were watching a movie was because we had just had an orchestra concert 2 days before that and we got a special treat from cool 'ol Mr.T. He was gone because one of his kids (who I also babysit) got sick. Poor Colton. I should make him a get well card.

Pixie Potter has studied from afar

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Going Domestic

Yesterday Pixie 'helped' (took over and bossed everyone around) make sugar cookies. Yummy. She was awfully proud of that Boo!

Pixie cookies

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Disney Land land of fun!!

I'm going to disney land tomorrow! Yay! I will ride all of the rides! I will try and get Mr.Moo something! Maybe Nemo! I'm excited! Yay! FUN! BYE!

Pixie Potter is going, going, gone! =)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Little Pencil Thingys

What are those little pencil things on my blog? How do i get rid of them? This is poopy because i cant figure out a way to get rid of them! Argh! Then again i could just ask scott in washington to fix it for me. Mwahahahah! Goodbye evil pencil thingys! ;]

One time...

...I got lost in Disney Land and i had to eat Minnie Mouse Balloons to survive.

So Bored

Its 4:14 and i cant sleep. Is that totally poopy or what?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Viral Infection

Was not appendicides it was just some stupid hurting virus or something that was living off my inestines and bowels. Wierd huh? Basically a really bad cold.

Pixie Potter can't belive its not butter.

P.S. I do not look like Rita Skeeter. I look like Ginny Weasly. Thats just a really bad picture of me.

Hospital, Pixie got sick

Hi ho Everybody. I'm back from the hospital! Wow my stomach just msde this really loud growly noise. Thanks to everyone who got me a ballon or flowers or a candy bouquet. I have a Daffy Duck band-aid over where my IV was stuck into me. I still have on my hospital bracelets.
I got X-rays and a CT skan back at the hopital. Um...My internet didn't work at the hospital so that stunk. I played Sims 2 and slept the whole time too. Dad off to get my meds. Here its. Glug Glug. My medicine actually doesn't taste that bad. It kinda tastes good. Well, I had a big ol' nervy spaz back at the hospital. I had a fever and was sweating and crying and breathing..duh.