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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lost Dog

I was walking home from school and I see this little dog that looked like 'Bengi' exept he was a white blond color. And he's just standing in the middle of the road. Then the bus comes along and the driver probably didn't see him. So the bus keeps on coming and it almost runs him over so then I call him over and he doesn't have a collar. So I pick him up and I am walking down the hill with a dog in my arms and I see Mom and Dad in the car waiting so I tell them "I found this dog, it almost got hit by a bus." so Dad says "Oh well we are on are way to the daily news to put in a ad for the house. Lets go. Maybe we'll take him down to the humane society." We didn't take him to the humane society. So I don't know if they put in a ad for him in the paper or not but then we went home and he peed on a tree,drank some water. Mom said that we would have to try and find his owner. So we go to where i first saw him and we asked this girl if she had seen the dog and she said that she didn't know. So we went down the hill off to the left and we saw these little girls. So we ask the little girls if they knew who his owners were and one of them says "oh! Thats scooter. He gets loose sometimes. He lives in that house." So we go over and ring the doorbell and nobody is there. But 'Scooter' is doing a little 'happy dance' on the front porch. You know how dogs do that little tail wagging, run around in circles dance? Well, he was doing that. So we see the side gate and we open it and put him in and he just shoots inside, so we close, lock it and thank the little girls and my Mom said to them "Be sure to tell Scooters owners that he almost got hit by a bus today." and one of them made this face all like, Ewwww. So their all like "Oh ya, ok." And that was the end of it. I kinda miss the little cutie.
Anyway I called buddy Laura and told her all about it. Whats wrong with you people!? Why aren't you commenting?

Monday, August 29, 2005

Stupid Violin

My stupid violin is not working. I haven't practiced (barely) this summer. Now I'm practicing like mad to get ready for orchestra at school (wich i hate) tomorrow. I wish that i was just good at the violin without even trying. Oh, well.. Johnny (the violin) keeps on sqeeking. My dad got it for me at the clark county fair. I think it MAY be a dud. Maybe I'm just not used to the feel of this one yet. Its a large. And the one I used to have was a qaurter size. Bye! Got to keep practicing!

~Pixie Potter

Monday, August 22, 2005

I'm on my last bite of cake...



Last night I decided to to some fall cleaning on my Lappy. (Laptop) Deleted!

Feel the love?

Just recently I was poised over Sims2. Not anymore. I decided I was hungry so i devoured yet another inoccent piece of Scotts birthday cake. (maniacal laugh)
When Brit and Moo came to pick me up today I picked him up and he turned to Brit and said 'Bye bye mama, bye bye.' Feel the love? Then we frolicked in the pool and Moo went into time out for thowing things at me again. Then we devoured hotdogs and completely ingnored Brit. Fun.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I'm putting myself up for adoption. Any takers? I've already got one but i need backups.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Moving :(

It's decided. We're moving.. we are now cleaning my room. YOu can see the floor now. I didn't know that the carpet was grey. Oh well.. I'm sure Britt will let me stay with her for the summer. I REALLy don't want to move. Who's going to watch Mr. Moo Poo? :( Right now I'm making a present for Moo. I already made Britt a present.

The rafting trip was fun. Our raft got stuck on a rock and we almost flipped over. Three girls in the other raft fell out when we went over the 'Colorado' rapids. I might be able to stay with Kasmira and Mike this Christmas. That would be fun. It would be even MORE fun if it snowed while I was there. But thats just a guess.

Even if I DO move I can still be Pixie da Blogg'in machine....I need a montage.

Pip Pip!