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Monday, May 30, 2005


Since my last name is Potter, am I related to Harry? Somewhat distantly? And where's all my fan mail and comments?!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Fan Mail 2

Ah! It's the sequel! Or however you spell it! SQUISH.

You haven't been on a rampage in a while. You should take your skateboard, go to my school and run over ketchap packets in the cafeteria. Yeah. You should also dress Moo in a cowsuit. Either way.

Conner, I don't know you, but thats ok. I will consider the cow suit idea. Exept on my cat. Ooooo! I gottta go try that! See ya.
~Pix (not Pixter)

Fan Mail

OK great idea! Ya'll send me fan e-mail and I'll answer it. (Me and twin came up with the first E-mail.)

Dear Pix,
What do you do when Moo falls asleep? Do you like, play Sims 2. Or do you run around and be all crazy?
Crapfully yours, MonkeyGurl

Well MonkyGurl, you know what? I'm not even gonna call you that... I'm a gonna call you squeky. Well Squeky, I'd probably raid the cookie jar, or mabee even just read. But reading just doesn't sound like me, ya know? Probably just go on a rampage. Well, whatever.

~Pixie Potter

Monday, May 23, 2005

Lucas is a God

Into the first five minutes of the movie I was thinking, THIS IS BETTER THAN 1 & 2 COMBINED!
Although I agree somewhat that Lucas needs to hire a screen writer the movie was cool!
Parts I cried at;
When Anikan killed the younglings :(
When Padme had Luke and Lei..... :)
...Then died :(
When Darth Vadar caught on fire and had parts sliced off :(

I bet none of you knew how sensitive I am.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Kinda Babysitting

Here I am using Britts compooper. (Yah I'm bad) And writng on my blog. Mr.Moo is out with Grampa and Brittanys out running, and the back of my mind is thinking 'Raid the cookie jar!' Yum I LOVE Brittanys cooking.

If you have the incredibles. (The special 2 disk version) Pop disk2 in there and click on Jack-jack Attack. Its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! Theres this scene where Kari is babysitting and she says to Jack-jack.
"Ok lets calm down a little bit and look at flashcards." Kari picks up flashcards "Triangle."
"Da Da."
Scary, You'll have to find out what happens next!

Monday, May 02, 2005


Hello fellow wizards and witches! I (Since I'm 12) am in hufflepuff. With the approval of my favorite friends. I am now a hufflepuffian.
Who is Nora? She looks and sounds really silly billy. Did you adopt her babysit her or what? Whoever she is shes a cutie pootie! (I hope I was reading YOUR blog) Anyway shes cute, who is she?

Puzzled Pixie

P.S. Did I mention that shes cutie Pootie?

Birthday Girl

April 26th was my birthday! Awesome I got a laptop AND Sims 2, then Brittany got me Sims University. Could life be any more beautiful?
Speaking of getting emotional I started crying when we went out in the garage and retreived the laptop from its hiding place. Very interesting because I was crying/skreaming. Exuse my hip teen spelling mistakes. I'm young I'm hip!


Sorry I have'nt beeen posting in a while but so many things have been going on lately that I have'nt had the time. Birthdays and laptops and babysitting nine eight year olds!

-managment (pixie)