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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Peep Obsession

I'm completely obsessed with peeps. Everytime I go to the store I go over to the candy section and I look for peeps, yum.
TOmmy is the cutest baby in the world. Yes I know its a shock to all of you but he is. Sorry Kap but Tommy tops 'em all. Even your little almost finished pink baby being born sometime in the next few months.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

No I didn't have peeps for breakfast

I had oatmeal a glass of orange juice and a peep. Wait a second....

I don't just like peeps....



Hi. HOw are you? Fine? Good.
I love Mr. MOo because he is the best baby in the whole world. (Sorry Kap) If only he wasn't so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Mr. MOo

Mr. MOo is the best baby in the whole wide world! Here are a list of reasons why;

1. He never insults you or glares.
2. Hes so darn cute!
3. Hes a cutie patootie.
4. Entertaining for when you feel bored.
5. Gives you a hug when you are feeling bad.
6. So cute.
7. Cutest baby in the world.

Boy, o boy do i love cutie pootie Mr. MoO. Yes, I know I am gushing. But he is just so darn cute! I must use him as a topic in over 60% of my sentences!
Ex. "YOu won't believe the CUTEST thing Mr. MOo did yesterday!"
Or something like that. Britt! Tell Moo hi for me!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

I've done it!!!

I have created another blog! Its called Pixie Potter's fun with Sisters! Look for it on the net as PixiePottersSisters.blogspot.com
Quick read it!

Another Blog?

Should I have another blog like Kasmiras Wawas World? Me Gushing about MY cats and school life? Hmm. Another blog would mean I could make it completely about me and the adventures of my sisters! Lets do it!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Wow I've been posting alot of pictures lately...

Has anyone noticed how many awesome pictures I have been posting. Your silence flatters me. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"Um. Hi."

This fork thing, how does it work again?

Hi I'm Tommy!


I LOVE raisans. How about you?

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Nanny nana noo noo

I hope my clone Laura can come over tomorrow (wich is only a day away). I miss her. Our teachers get us mixed up a whole lot, wich funny cause they correct themselves and are constantly muttering "The one with red hair is Natasha, the one with really dark almost brown hair is Laura...."

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Mt. St Helens May 1999

"Don't you hate it when you have to take one of those pictures when your squinting in the sun?"

Pixie Potter Summer 2000

"Ya, I know that I'm totally cool."

Cheerios Smeerios

Who cares about the cheerio? Hurry up and read me this book!

Quarter Pounder

He wieghs a qaurter of what i wiegh!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


My tempurture has gone down by .1 , What an accomlishment! I might be able to go to the movie tonight if my health improves. I took a 2 hour nap. (Yes I know you all are jeolous of my relaxing naptime) Then I took my temp. it said 99.6 , when I woke up this morning I took it then and it said 99.7. When I get older I should be really good at decimals. :)
I am sorry I can't come over MOo head, since you are probably mad you are allowed to post 5 pictures of me on my blog. Every one should be able to see my cute face when I was little. :)

Ta Ta For Now!

I can't believe it!

Argh! I an STILL sick. I barely ever catch colds, I just get lots of cramps. Poor Mr. Moo is stuck without a sitter today, sorry. AND i still have a tempurture! Whatz up with that? Please don't say the sky. SOooo mad at the stupid cold!
I'm missing ITBS testing. I'll have to do make-up work. Poop! The test is to easy anyway, I can't believe other people didn't finnish within the time limit! What can I say? I'm a genius!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Do not insert into ear canal!

For your own saftey please do not insert pencils in your ear canal.

Did you know that 9 people have died at Walt's DisneyLand? Mostly people not following the rules. Two male teens drowned while trying to swim off Tom Sawyer island after its dusk closing time. (These people are evidently not very smart. A lady jumped of the matterhorn bobsleds, an oncoming bobsled ran her over. I forget but I think two people were run over by the monorail. Their bodies were dragged a distance before the operator for the ride stopped the monorail. And most recently the guy who died when thunder mountain railroad crashed. (Not his fault) Isn't that gruesome? I thought so.

Kasmira what are we going to do?

Kasmira what are we going to do? Your so organized you probably planned everything by the the hour. So tell me, What are we going to do in the land of flying pigs?
I can't wait to see badness kitties Mimi and Cleo cat. I think Cleo is cuter though.
By the way I'm completely jeolous of your house! Are me and 'B' (badness cynda) sleeping in your indian inspired guest room? E-mail me!
A speacial shout out to Mike McFarthead! There is no actual meaning to this entry. Am I going mad? Mabee its just cause I'm sick... hmm.

Over the hills and through the woods to Kasmira's house we go!

This summer Cynda and I are going to sister Kasmiras house! What I want to do (since Ohio is the most haunted state) is go to one of the old haunted Opera houses. I want to go to the one where this lady almost got killed by this madman.
Or go to some other haunted place. I ain't afraid of no ghost! I love getting scared! Me and my sister Sabrina (I have five sisters) have scary movie nights. So much fun!
Kasmira, do you mind posting a comment or send me an E-mail of what we're going to do? Thanks! ~Pixie
I can't wait for summer! AAhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Joint trip?

I was thinking... that my friend and her mother could join us on a trip to disney land. Lee Anne and Allison and I could all share a room. We could get a room with bunk beds! My mom, dad and sister Cynda could have their room. Wouldn't that be fun!
We could ride californian screami'n and Alli and I could ride all the fun Rides! Like Splash Mountain. Oooo... just thinking about it makes me so exited!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I am sick

I am sick, I couldn't sleep at all last night. I had a really bad migrain. Is thaat how you spell it? Ya. It was so bad I kept waking up. My little hangy thing in the back of my throat that wiggles when you say Opera hurt every time I swallowed.
I hope by tomorrow I'll feel good enough to babysit Mr. Moo. Arghhh! I am soooo bored. Alls I have to do is to type on my Blog. I am going to write so many entries! Last night I did two entries. I'm going to try to do three today. Yum, ice cold water....
Several hours later. I have a tempature of 101! I NEVER get a tempature unless I'm really sick. I got bored and watched Star Wars all day. Ya, I'm a bloggin machine.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Shhhhh! Directing in progress!

I have been a minor kid director for more than four years now... I remember the first movie I made.. (Dream mode).....
I was seven, Dad got out the video camera (long forgotten) I was amazed you could make short skits and plays. Then look at it after word you could see what you made. I colored a tree with crayons. It began with me walking up to the life size tree I had colored with crayon. My little sister (Cynda) followed me . She pointed up and said 'Hey look! An apple!' I reached up and took it down. We shared the apple and that was the end. After that we just fooled around with the camera. I think we sent it to Kasmira... but I think dad never got to sending it.
"Kasmira! Do you have it!?"

Travel Channel, I praise thee

O great Travel Channel! Although I am not worthy, I love you. Travel channel you are amazing alone, nothing can stop me from watching you exept my 9:00 bedtime. O travel channel! I praise thee!
I loovvvvvvee travel channel! You get to watch amazing vacation homes! I can just envision myself! Sitting in a peacful retreat among the trees... right next to a river, with waterfalls... ahhhh.. so peacful...
Invite all my friends over and have a party! Yay! Lots of swimming and playing. But where is my true amazing vacation home? Hmmm....

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Pixie's Dictionary

Poopnog: an unpleasent person; a hot frothy drink made of poop.
Mr. Moo: a small child a babysit; a cow
Muh: Wierd, stupid, odd ect. ex. Kasmira is so muh!!!
Muh puh: A wierd/odd person
Pixie Potter: A sugar obsessed babysitter, who likes to hang out with Mr. Moo