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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Today Mr. Moo, Brittany and I went to office max. Brittany was looking for something, and Mr.moo was in the cart so i thought Mr.Moo needed a joy ride. He looked very mad and he smelled very bad so i suspected it was probably poo.
Vroom! Vrooooom!!! Mr. Moo and i swerved around the pen display rocks of terror, through the canyon of briefcases. Avoided store managers and finnaly coming to a stop behind Brittany. Tommy loved it so much he kept going like this; "Hee hee. (Cough Cough) Hee hee. (Cough cough) Hee hee. (Hick!)"
He was laughing really hard and his face was red and smiling. (He was sooo cute!!) Now about the dollar tree...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dairy Queen

Yes, its true I am the dairy Queen!! I could eat nothing but dairy. But unfotunatly if i do eat to much it clogs up my system. ew. Milk is the ruler of all dairy products.
Oh milk, all though i am not worthy of you, i love you. My friends stepmom has to go out and buy a extra carton of milk before i come over. If she forgets she says "Darn! i FORGOT to get the extra caron!" (sometimes she forgets on purpose, i do not blame her.) Oh milk! Joy! Yum...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Brittanys sister Lauren blew some bubbles

tiny bubbles.jpg

While at Mr. Moo's 1st birthday party I took a SIMS break

Crazy bout SIMS.jpg

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Ahhh! I can't believe this we're moving to Bend, OR. Well mom and Dad haven't decided yet, but mom made me clean my room. (That's a definate sign!) Two piles, 1 garbage, 2 garage sale.
But worst of all, she said if we were moving Anything I wanted to bring I had to put on the bed. I'm going to miss Brittany, Mr. Moo, Scott, (friends) Laura, Allison, Conner, and Hannibal (Hannah, we call Lauras little sister Hannibal for fun. Got it off 'Phantom of the Opera') We are going to keep a summer home here though, so I can visit all summer and during extra long weekends. They've already picked a summer house!
Boy, I'm only going to babysit Mr. Moo a little bit when I can beg my parents for the 4 hour drive. Ahh! Soo frustrated.
I'm sort of happy too. In Bend the summer is just the right temp. In winter it snow so much that it snows almost every year! Not every 3 years like here. I'm going to paint my walls Saffron and Fusia! Get a bunkbed, use the lower half as a reading getaway. And the top as the sleeping area. Then go wild and paint every bit of furniture saffron or Fusia. Is that how you spell Fusia? Kasmira do you know? On the road again...

Sims 2

I love 'Sims'! Its so much fun. Our computer is so slow and old regular Sims won't work on it! I'm sooooo mad! I'm going to ask for a laptop for my birthday. I don't even like to play regular Sims anymore, alls I like to play is Sims 2! I have enough to buy Sims 2, but not nearly enough to buy a laptop wich is not helping. So when ever I go to babysit and Mr. Moo falls asleep, I take a break and plays Sims 2 on the computer. Ya, I'm bad.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Me, Mr. Moo and Brittany.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Killer Cat

Salem our cat is a killer. He is jet black so we call him the killer panther. He kills everything from school projects to birds and mice. At night while you are reading he will jump up and attack you hair.
Brittanys cats Frick & Frack, are not killers but baby attackers! While cute Mr. Moo puts his head down on Fracks belly. And says what wwe guess is "I love you." but it sounds like "I lub boo." In result the kitten scratched Mr. Moo.
I tell Kasmira, Sabrina, Cynda, and Tabbitha... wait I missed a sister... oh ya! And Carissa. BEWARE THE KILLER CATS!!!

The half dead bird

One time I was out playing in the yard, walking around really. When I heard my sister calling my name. She said "come here! quick! It's Salem!" (Our pesky cat)
Asuming something was wrong I ran inside. Where my little sister Cynda was saying something about a bird. I didn't care, I wanted to know what was up. Number three sister Sabrina told me Salem had brought in a still alive bird! I went crazy, I wanted to see it. Sabrina lead me upstairs and handed me a paper towl. I picked up the barely breathing bird. Its head hung from its neck. Its eye had blood dribbling out.
I went outside walked deep into a field by our house. And set it down in the middle.
When I got inside Salem apeared to be looking for his bird. (My mother quickly got rid of all his little 'presents') The next day he wandered around aimlessly thinking we hadn't got rid of it yet. He relized it was gone and went outside to catch another. Poor birdies!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

So Many Sisters!

Arghhhh! So many sisters I can't keep track of them all! Today was chinese new year and I saw this zodiac thinger ma jig. I was looking up what all of them were and I kept asking my mom when they were born. Iwas all like "Hey Mom, when was Kasmira born?"
It turns out most of us had pretty stupid animals like a rooster. I mean who wants a ram or a rooster? Why can't I be a monkey? Now THAT would be cool. But now I am left feeling slightly disapointed. The chinese need to think of cooler zodiac animals.
~Pixie Potter!


Pixies Adventures in babysitting
Today I rode the loud noisy bus to babysitting. It's a good thing the bus driver relized I was on there, or she would have passed my stop again.
While Mr. Moo was asleep I snuck about twentyfive minutes whith the 'Sims'. As I was throwing away my social life, Brittany came up and said Mr. Moo was up. I was overjoyed! Yay, more time with the kid! We practiced blowing out the candles for Mr. Moo Birthday party. (I got a free tiny cup cake.)
As me and Mr. Moo were goofing off. Mr. Moo and I decided to attack the mom. We spent three seconds coming up with a evil plot to spill the birthday invitations onto the floor! Yes! It was us! Ha! Ha!Ha! Whoa.. that was sort of wrong. Well.. Mr. Moo went through with the plan leaving me in the dust. For a eleven month old this kids got a speedy crawl! (Brittany, it was all him! I had nothing to do with it. He gave me a hug, you know me, I gave in to his evil plot to overthrow you!) He, he, he.
After that we watched 'Baby Einstien' fortunatly it was 'Animals on Safari Adventure'. I was fasinated!
~Pixie Potter